Axie Infinity (AXS) Listed on NitroEx Exchange

NitroEx Exchange lists 32 cryptocurrencies. NitroEx Exchange has 65 cryptocurrency trading pairs. The latest listed Axie Infinity AXS/BTC, AXS/ETH, and AXS/USDT trading pairs are available for users to trade.

Introduction to the Project

Axie is a game universe filled with fascinating creatures. Players aim to fight, breed, collect, upgrade and build kingdoms for their avatars. The universe has a player-owned cycle where players can own, buy, sell and trade the resources they earn in the game through skilled gameplay and their contributions to the ecosystem.

500 different species such as animals, plants, reptiles, and fish can be found in Axie. Abilities with different characteristics belonging to each class appear randomly and uniquely. These abilities can be developed with the experience points gained in battles. At the same time, by mating the owned Axie, one can have offspring. These offsprings can be sold or developed according to one’s will.

Axie Infinity created by a team based in Vietnam was developed in 2018 by the technology-focused game company Sky Mavis. Trung Nguyen and Aleksander Larsen founded this firm. The Axie Infinity team is a team of 25 fully professional game developers.

Axie Infinity is one of the most important of Metaverse projects and the most preferred platform among users. This platform, where users can earn money by playing games, has increased the number of users in a short time. Listed on very important cryptocurreny exchanges, AXS has now joined the NitroEx family.


Total Supply: 270.000.000

Circulating Supply: 60,907,500

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